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Story of Persecution from Chechnya

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


To be honest, I don’t know much about Chechnya.

There seems to be many opinions about this region- some think that Chechnya should be independent, while others believe that it should be part of Russia. It seems that violence is continuous and many live in poverty.

What I know from field workers is that the people of Russia’s North Caucasus region have seen much violence already, but no end is yet in sight. A week does not go by in Ingushetia without civilians being killed and maimed in terror attacks and assassinations. The churches in this region are generally quite small and vulnerable.

They ask us to pray for Christians in this volatile area- that they may experience God’s protection and encouragement, so that they will be strengthened to share the Gospel with many who have never had the opportunity to hear it.

They also ask us to pray that God will reveal Himself unto many Muslims in this region, either directly through dreams and visions, or through other means like Christian radio and television programs, Scriptures and Christian literature.

A part of the world I know little about, making it all the more important to learn about and pray for Christians there, so that they know they are not alone and not forgotten. Thank you for praying for Chechnya this week!





One response to “Story of Persecution from Chechnya”

  1. Praying is very nice. If we don’t use the military and economic power of nominally Christian countries to protect Christians abroad and eliminate the Muslims who are exterminating them, there will be no Christians left in country after country around the world.

    That includes almost all of the U.K. And Western Europe. In time, the southern Philippines. Eastern Europe, as well, if they are pressured by the selfhating morally confused barren perverts of the so-called West to admit so-called migrants aka invaders and welfare leeches and rapists / intimidators / harassers / fondlers of our women. In fact, of our boys sometimes as well.

    No, instead we use our power to fund and arm ISIS, to help Islamists overflow Assad who protects Christians in Syria, to help Muslims take over Germany and France and England and Sweden without a fight, in fact with groveling and submission and bizarre self hatred.

    Christians had better start fighting with the bodies and brains that god gave us, or we will be subjugated or killed. Wake up. We should pray and then fight, not die merely praying like oops and cowards.

    Books and talks about martyrs are pathetic and suicidal in the current context if they are not accompanied by the simple willingness to do what it takes to survive and be free from Islam or any other subjugation and oppression.

    Christians didn’t used to be pacifists, and we should not be. Pray, then fight and win.

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