Strong Call Of Iraqi Christian Woman To End Violence

Mosul Iraq Refugee Children This Iraqi Christian woman has a strong call to respect Christians as human beings. She is from Mosul, and has been recently displaced because of the violence of the Islamic extremist group ISIS. She pleas for a stop to the violence, and for restoration of human dignity to return to Iraq. Uniquely, she does this while referencing passages from the Quran and the prophet of Islam, Mohammed. Here is the translation of the YouTube video originally recorded by the Assyrian TV Channel ‘Isthar TV’. The translation is done by the Assyrian Christian organization CAPNI.

Is life as a human being without an own identity possible? I don’t think so.

The most natural right of a human being is the right of an identity.

I don’t wish my experiences in Mosul to any human being on earth. They threatened us with death. They forced us to pay jizya (tax for non-Muslims, also called ‘protection money’) – knowing that we can’t. For years, we have lived close to poverty. They took away our rights, to move freely. In our crisis, we Christians looked for help everywhere, but no one helped us.

They took us out of the ratio of distributing food. The reason was always the same: “You are Christians; You don’t have any rights here”.

Now I ask you (Muslims of Mosul): Why are you doing this to us? Why did you abandon us? We were neighbors; we were a community. We all lived together and supported each other, as doctors, pharmacist, and workers. Why did you turn your back on us? Is this what we earn for all that what we did in our community?

The Quran says that no one can enter a stranger’s home, without being let in or entering by force. Why did you demolish our homes and take all our possessions? Your Prophet says that a nice word is already a good deed. Why did a salesman, with whom I talked to and bought something from yesterday, not want to have anything to do with me?

The extremists of ISIS could have never captured our beautiful city, if they were not welcomed by the majority. If my neighbors had stood by my side, ISIS couldn’t have forced me to leave. That is what hurts me most – our community betrayed us.

That is the fourth time I had to leave my home. The fourth time, I was displaced. The fourth time, one told me, that I have “to go away from here”. But where should I go to? Many have never reached their destinations, Europe or America, because they died on their way. I lost everything: My house, because it was destroyed; My work, because nobody would employ a Christian; My future, because you can’t expect support from the Iraqi government. But especially, I lost my memories from the past. Because even if one day we would return home, nothing will be like it once was.

I plead to the international community, to churches, to human rights organizations, to the U.N., to all who promote a peaceful living together: help us!

We join this Christian woman in her sentiments of frustration and sadness because of the recent violence and terror brought about by ISIS. Her call to the international community to step out for these Christians being persecuted in Iraq reveals a depth to her grievous state that many have never experienced. We pray for this persecuted believer to have a greater grip on eternal things rather than the temporary. We ask God to give her comfort during this time of unknown and anxiety. We also pray for the members of ISIS; that the gospel and Jesus would become unexplainable beautiful to them, and cause them to recant the ways of their group. In Jesus’ Name we pray! Amen.

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