How To Support Those Persecuted Christians In Egypt

August 21, 2013 by Open Doors in ,

Egypt By Dr. David Curry- President/CEO of Open Doors USA “There isn’t a future, there are multiple futures, and it’s up to us to determine which future we will choose.” -Harvard Historian, Niall Ferguson, in his 2013 speech to the Nobel Inst. There are some issues that seem so big that they are outside of our sphere of control, or even that of super-power governments. The violence and persecution of Christian churches in Egypt these past few days is one of these types of problems. Governments appear unable to stem the violence, or unwilling to admit its true nature. Peaceful believers in these situations are seemingly left without hope, and pray that they are not targeted for destruction by the militants. In the past few days, we have received reports of churches being burned, and believers being threatened, harassed and beaten. The most recent estimates are that at least 82 churches have been burned to the ground, and Christian homes are being attacked and looted. Don’t feel helpless and throw up your hands in disgust, but instead take simple but powerful actions that will help those in harm’s way: First, resolve to keep this as a matter of prayer. Prayer cuts through every layer of bureaucracy, and also brings personal peace when you are carrying the burdens of fear, discouragement and dismay over these types of situations. Secondly, retweet and repost articles that highlight the travesties that are being done against Christian believers. Articles from Open Doors, World Watch Monitor, The Christian Post and others are mentioning the targeted violence, and we can help to spread awareness. Whatever you do, don’t sit back silently while innocent people are being attacked for their faith; for doing nothing more than associating with the name of Jesus. These are not radical political factions under attack; they are peace-loving, spiritual souls. It’s not determined that this must end badly; we can make a difference by advocating for those under attack, and making sure the world knows of these attacks. Are there other ways you have found to spread information about the persecuted church? Share them with me; I would love to hear your ideas.

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