Susan Needs Our Prayers!

November 17, 2016 by Sydney Bennett in Africa

One of the stories I often share when speaking is the story of Susan. If you have not heard her story before I would encourage you to watch it. When I first heard how she remained in a dark room sitting on the mat for three months simply because she did not want to deny Jesus, I was both humbled and challenged. And I share her story as an example of the faith and commitment demonstrated by our persecuted brothers and sisters.

Recently I received an update on Susan and the progress she has made over the years and while she has come a long way she still needs our prayers.

It has been six years since Susan was rescued, and she has been on an uphill battle recovering from the physical ailments caused by her abandonment, not to mention the emotional hurts and the time her treatment has kept her out of school. Open Doors has had the privilege of being a part of Susan’s journey by covering her medical and education costs.

While it was originally reported that Susan was 14, it has been discovered that she was actually only 10 years old! Over the past six years we have witnessed her courageously take every small but agonizing step required along this road. To this day Susan does not hold a grudge toward her father but says, “I forgive my father because he did not know what he was doing.”

Susan, now 16, remains ever-ambitious and says she still wants to become a doctor because she wants to help other people. But at the moment Susan is facing corrective surgery and physical therapy that will delay her education for two years. When asked how we can pray for her she said, “Please pray for my healing. I want to walk without the crutches.”

Please join us in praying for Susan and invite others to join you. Here are some specific ways to pray:

  1. Pray for her healing and for the Lord’s guidance in seeking the best option for further treatment.

  2. Please thank the Lord for surrounding Susan with much love. Pray for her continued spiritual growth under this care.

  3. Please pray for peace for Susan as she deals with the disappoint of missing possibly as much as two year in school due to her medical needs.