Syria’s grim anniversary reveals decade of prayers, God’s faithfulness

March 12, 2021 by Lindy Lowry in Middle East

Today, March 15, 2021, marks the 10th anniversary of Syria’s civil war—and 10 years of God’s faithfulness.

It also marks a decade of millions of prayers for our Syrian sisters and brothers. Christians worldwide have spent a decade or more lifting up the church in Syria. For 10 years, Syrians have endured war and extraordinary atrocities—including occupation by ISIS, the use of chemical warfare on ordinary citizens, and most recently the Turkish incursion in late 2019 when bombs struck northern Syria.

At the height of the civil war crisis, houses in targeted cities like Aleppo and Damascus had no electricity or running water; food was scarce. That’s when churches like the Alliance Church in Aleppo stepped in to bring help, hope and healing. Pastor Abdalla and his congregation had no idea they would be such an integral part of God’s plan to bring help, hope and healing in the midst of war and economic crisis.

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10 years of civil war ... 10 years of faithfulness
10 years of civil war ... 10 years of faithfulness

In some places, especially the northern regions, the war continues in Syria. Pastor George Moushi who leads the Alliance Church in Qamishli recently told us: “The war isn’t over yet. Pray that Christians will stay in the country. Pray that their basic needs are met. Pray the economy will recover. Pray people stay firm in Jesus.”

He, along with Pastor Abdalla, are just two of the thousands of believers who are rebuilding the church in Syria. Open Doors has partnered with indigenous churches to open 40 Centers of Hope in 15 cities—places where the community can come and be nourished both practically and spiritually.

At one point during the war, Alliance Church in Aleppo was giving aid to 2,200 households a month.

“I believe that we should be the same as our Lord Jesus Christ,” Pastor Abdalla says. “Offering a better way of life for people spiritually, and also practically.”

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