Pray for Syria: Church Kit

October 17, 2019 by Open Doors USA in Prayer updates

Download the “Pray for Syria” Church Kit

On October 9, 2019, Turkish forces launched an attack on the Kurdish-held territory of northeast Syria. Open Doors estimates there are 40,000 to 50,000 Christians who are caught up in the conflict in the northeast region. Some Syrian families left their homes, and others decided to stay.

Open Doors is on the ground helping Christians who’ve been injured in the crossfire—and those who’ve lost their homes in the bombing. We’re also working alongside pastors and church leaders to meet the immediate needs of Christians in the area. 

On Thursday, October 17, Turkey declared a 120-hour ceasefire to allow Kurdish-led forces to evacuate the border zone. While this is undoubtedly an answer to prayer, the danger is still present for Christians in the region—and this is only a reprieve. One of our partners in the field, Aziz, says, “This is a precarious calm. Whatever happens, the need that existed before the Turkish incursion is still there.”

The coming days and weeks are critical for the future of Syrian and Kurdish Christians in the northeast region. Please continue to pray.

We’ve created a Church prayer kit for Syria—with a short PowerPoint presentation with prayer points and a prayer bulletin—to encourage churches across the U.S. to stand with their suffering brothers and sisters in Syria.

Download the kit and pray for the Church in Syria this Sunday.