Syrian Refugees Ask “How Will We Stay Warm This Winter?-

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


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As the Christmas season approaches, many of us are dreaming of a White Christmas. It is the picturesque ideal that many of us associate with the Christmas season. We have romanticized the idea of a White Christmas, knowing that we will have a warm home to stay in as we watch the snow fall.  

However, Syrian refugees in Lebanon do not idealize winter in the same way that many of us do.

Imagine: sleeping in a tent when temperatures drop below zero and winter clothing is scarce. This is reality for Syrian refugees living in a tent settlement in the bordering country of Lebanon. An estimated two thousand Syrian families live in this particular tent settlement. Most refugees in this settlement have been around for over a year. A young father in the settlement shared his story;

“We come from Homs,” he says as he holds his baby girl in his arms. “We fled from Homs because of every day fighting and shooting. When we left, our house was still intact, how it is now we don’t know.”

As he shares his story, two NGO trucks make their way through the mud. They distribute blankets and mattresses to the neediest families.

“Winter items have priority now as the cold approaches,” one of the workers says. According to the United Nations, new refugees arrive every day from Syria in Lebanon. They estimate the number of Syrian refugees in the tiny country is now more than 122,000, but many believe that this number will rise up to 300,000.

As we enter into the Christmas season and are surrounded by friends and families in our warm homes, would you take a moment to pray for the Syrian refugees in Lebanon? Pray not only for their physical needs, but that God would use the Christians in these settlements to witness to those who do not know Him yet.


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