Syrian refugees find help from Open Doors partners

June 1, 2022 by Olivia Boyd in Middle East

The line extends out the door and down the sidewalk of the small office in Beirut, Lebanon. The women in line are Christians who have been forced to flee their homes in Syria due to civil war and the direct persecution of their faith. To their relief, the line eventually leads them to a desk where they can apply for aid to help feed their families. It must be a small flicker of light for these women, a sign of God’s provision in an otherwise bleak situation.

Believers who convert from a Muslim background are put under great pressure by their families and communities to return to Islam, since not doing so brings great dishonor to them. For this reason, converts risk being attacked or expelled from family homes. As a result, many thousands have fled the country seeking refuge in neighboring countries like Lebanon.

Local Open Doors partners in Lebanon saw an opportunity to support these members of our faith family. They are now able to distribute coupons to 120 Syrian refugee families in Beirut each month, allowing them to buy food from selected supermarkets. Without this assistance, it is hard to say if they would be able to afford the food their families need to survive.

Partners are also active in distributing medical supplies and leading Christian training among the refugees. Their work is possible because of your prayers and support.

Let’s thank God!

Father, thank You for the determination of local partners to ease the burden of refugees who have left their home country in order to follow You in greater freedom and safety. Bless their efforts and encourage those who receive the coupons and other supplies as they see Your hand at work on their behalf.

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