Anti-Christian dictator forced out in Sudan: Pray with us

Al Janssen - Apr 23, 2019

God’s Prophet to Mosul

Writer Al Janssen questions: Whom is God calling to follow Brother Andrew’s lead and go and preach to our enemies?

Lindy Lowry - Apr 23, 2019

Updates From the Sri Lanka Bombings–On-the-Ground Reports From Our Field

Please check back regularly for the latest updates on the Sri Lanka bombings as we seek to stand with our brothers and sisters.

Robert Kenna - Apr 22, 2019

Worst Attack on Christians in Asia in Recent History

Stand with your Christian family in Sri Lanka through prayer and support today.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 20, 2019

Three Churches Targeted in Multiple Sri Lanka Bombings, Death Toll Rising

As Christians in Sri Lanka gathered to celebrate Easter Sunday, six explosions hit three churches.

Al Janssen - Apr 17, 2019

Crucified With Christ

An ideal prayer from Brother Andrew for Good Friday and throughout the year.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 15, 2019

Syrian Believers Proclaim: ‘Christ the Lord Is Risen Today’

Celebrating Easter in Syria–a group of young adults come together to worship and proclaim ‘He is risen’ in a familiar hymn.

Lindy Lowry - Apr 12, 2019

Five Years After Chibok— ‘God Will Bring My Daughter Out’

Five years after Chibok, families have not given up hope of one day reuniting with their still-missing daughters.

Christopher Summers - Apr 11, 2019

Anti-Christian dictator forced out in Sudan: Pray with us

A dictator known for brutal policies against Christians has been forced to step down in Sudan.

Al Janssen - Apr 10, 2019

Father’s Book

Brother Andrew: “The Bible, the book you must DO!”

Lindy Lowry - Apr 07, 2019

‘I Can’t Live Without Jesus’—Pastor Tells of God’s Power in Iranian Prison

In Iran, anyone involved in spreading Christianity is seen as a threat to the Republic’s Islamic identity. But the church is also multiplying. The story of former house church leader Wahid shows why.