Take Action for Suffering Christians in Colombia

July 15, 2015 by Sally Rae in ,

A very tangible way for you to support persecuted Christians is by writing letters.  A letter of encouragement reminds suffering believers that they are not forgotten.  Knowing that there are praying Christians from around the world is a great source of strength for those facing difficult circumstances.

We have recently added two new letter writing opportunities for Columbia. You may send letters on your own or organize letter writing projects through your church group or Bible study. Please refer to our Letter Writing Guidelines.

Write a Letter to Displaced Women in Colombia

Indigenous women from the Nasa Tribe are experiencing many challenges after being forced to leave their village. Because the women fought for Christian education, their tribal leaders cut them off from health services, schools and land. A total of 42 families were sent away. Open Doors supports these families by helping them organize Christian education. We invite you to support these women by reminding them of God’s love for them and that the body of Christ cares for them. 

Write a Letter to Encourage Pastors in Buenaventura

Buenaventura is one of the most dangerous cities in Colombia. Kidnapping, killings and terror are common occurrences due to drug trafficking and criminal bands fighting for control of the city. When pastors speak up against the violence, they are threatened or killed. Another threat to the church is that many of the criminal bands resort to occult practices. But in spite of these challenges, God is at work and local pastors are often able to share the Gospel with these gang members.  Please send prayers and letters of encouragement to these faithful pastors.

You can learn about these and other letter writing opportunities on the Advocacy page of our website under Letter Writing.  Thank you for reaching across the world with your letters and prayers!

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