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Terror Attack in Kenya Leaves 6 Dead

October 8, 2016 by Janelle P in

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The terror attack on a Mandera residential compound has been claimed by Al-Shabaab. “We are behind the Mandera attack. During which, we killed six Christians,” local and international media reported the group’s military spokesman, Sheikh Abdiasis Musab, as saying. The attack occurred around 2:45 a.m., leaving six dead and about 27 injured.

During an interview, an Open Doors contact (who asked to remain anonymous) explains the attack. “The Al-Shabaab militants, wearing Kenyan army uniforms, entered the housing compound posing as Kenyan security officers on patrol. Once allowed in, they first attacked a mobile money transfer shop with an explosive device before throwing more explosives into the compound. The people were caught off-guard and shot as they tried to flee. They specifically targeted non-locals (those assumed to be Christians). Among the 6 dead is a local barber named Cege. Among the injured is an individual who hid in the ceiling, but the explosion from the grenades shook him, causing him to fall through the roof. He is currently in the hospital.”

The attackers were reported to have planted landmines around the compound. One exploded as security officers tried to access the building. “There are increased security personnel in town even as tension remains very high. Residents are declining interviews out of fear for their safety. Many have locked themselves in their homes,” reported local workers.

Kenya ranks 16th on the World Watch List, mainly due to Islamic extremism. The level of violence perpetrated against Christians, particularly in the northeastern and coastal regions, is very high.

“We are greatly saddened that this attack was targeted at people perceived, by militants, to be Christians. We ask that supporters pray for the people of Mandera. Pray for God’s grace for family members of victims and local security forces as they bring the situation under control. There is a high level of fear among locals, and we pray that the Lord will strengthen His children as they, once more, bear the brunt of militant anger,” an East Africa team member reported.


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  1. My heart ❤️ has been praying for you all many years and today I am hearing the fruit of those prayers. I will always pray for my sisters and brothers their families. Thank you so very much for your prayers I am disabled. But I can always pray 😇

  2. We stand strong for you to the Heavenly Father and I have reminders of pictures all over my bedroom walls when I awaken to pray for you all World 🌎 wide. May God cover you under His Wings🕊