Amado Padre, te alabo y

March 9, 2020 by Jennie Sottovia

Amado Padre, te alabo y te adoro. Gracias por la vida de Mary, gracias porque ella te conoce como Dios, dale fortaleza para continuar cada día, que ella pueda sentir que hay muchos que oramos por Irán y que tú la amas. Jesús te pido que le des sabiduría para caminar en lo que tú la has llamado a hacer. Que le des entendimiento de los tiempos. En el nombre de Jesús reprendo todo plan del enemigo para dañarle. Le amamos sin conocerla, la bendecimos, declaramos vida y salud, amén.

Dear Father, I praise you and adore you. Thank you for Mary’s life, thank you because she knows you as God, give her strength to continue every day, so she can feel that there are many who pray for Iran and that you love her. Jesus asked you to give her wisdom to walk in what you have called her to do. May you understand the times. In the name of Jesus I rebuke every plan of the enemy to harm him. We love him without knowing her, we bless her, we declare life and health, amen.

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