As I grew up and

July 15, 2019 by Nick Savov

As I grew up and got faced with daily challenges and especially the disappointments that I experience, it was as if chance happen to all things and that I am just a random outcome of my parent’s [marriage]. I felt helpless like an orphaned child. One day I decided to check on why in the world am I here. I was surprised the many verses of the bible that gave me the assurance that I am a product of God’s premeditated design. I am not a chanced outcome of my parents [marriage]. I am fearfully and wonderfully made even in the womb. Now i tremble and have the assurance that I am from somewhere and I am going somewhere in fulfillment of an all knowing God’s purpose. I am built for purpose and built to satisfy God’s desire. I am not a random outcome of a random process. This is very comforting and reassuring even when things appear random. All things now work together for the good of me.

Joshua Alabi