God I thank you for

June 17, 2019 by Nick Savov

God I thank you for my brothers and sisters. I thank you for the strength you’ve given them in unthinkable and unwanted circumstances. God I pray from them like I would for my own family Lord please protect them. Please guard around them – surround them with warring angels against every attack. Give them favor in rebuilding their homes and churches. I thank you that your light cannot be overcome by the darkness and I ask that as rebuilding continues that your light would be so bright and undeniable. That their love for one another and for you would cause many to put their faith in you. We pray for those involved with ISIS God I ask that you would bring salvation and change hearts. Open blind eyes and pierce thru calluses hearts give them undeniable visions of your son. Dis-arm and dissolve ISIS God in Jesus name. I plea the blood of Jesus over all my brothers and sister in Iraq and Syria. And I pray a blessing over all the ministries dedicated to sending aid and help to those areas as well. In the Lord’s Prayer you taught us to pray “ your kingdom come and your will be done on earth as it is in heaven” as I pray that today I’m believing you’re taking back the earth God that Your kingdom will reign here!! God bring miraculous forgiveness and let your perfect love cast out all fear. I love you Lord. Let your persecuted church be strengthened and increasing in numbers! Let us be planted on the unshakable rock. Give us discernment and obedience. Thanks for your forgiveness towards us! Be with our comfortable brothers and sisters in their faith – not being persecuted help us not to fall asleep! Burn in us a fire Lord to come back to you, to honor you, one that says where else could I go?

I love you
The lord rebuke you and bind you Satan, the very poles you’ve meant to impale us on you will be impaled on, your destination is never ending torment, God behead that evil beast! In Jesus name.