I have so many, Job

July 30, 2019 by Nick Savov

I have so many, Job 38,7, GOD speaking to Job, and asking These Questions. then there is the absolute mercy of God, with Jonah, sending him to warn the Ninevites what he is going to do, if they do not repent. He could have just killed them. but it Shows God’S Love for His Creatures. and even today HE is Still ,warning and telling us , turn around repent. I just love my Bible, since Sunday School. at night when i cannot Sleep,, i Quote Psalm 121, and i Sleep lol i can go on and on. GOD using the Clouds as dust under his feet wow!!!evertime i look at the Clouds i think of GOD !!!!!!!!!!HE watches over us. HIS eyes are everywhere. GOD BLESS All my persecuted , muslim, hindu and buddhist Background believers. you are allways in my prayers.

sarah anne rolofs