I love that God reveals

July 13, 2019 by Nick Savov

I love that God reveals Himself to us in His Word and that the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin, righteousness, and judgment so that we can see our sin and repent, turning to Jesus for forgiveness of sin. The Old Testament points to Jesus and the New Testament reveals Him. When I was a new believer, I went to a counselor and, thinking I would get over the past hurts by talking about them, told her my story. She listened, then said, “You say you are born again. Does God call you a victim or more than a conqueror?” I hadn’t read much of God’s Word yet, but knew enough about God to know He didn’t call me a victim, not if I’m in Christ. She told me to walk in the identity God gave me in Christ. Until then, I didn’t know I had any choice. Romans 8 is still among my favorite chapters, as is Job 38-42.

Donna Kupferschmidt