I pray for for my

April 1, 2019 by Nick Savov

I pray for for my brothers and sisters in Christ. God please provide protection against all wickedness from all evil sources. I pray Psalms 91 over them. May all of the promises within the Psalms be placed over your people as they work to restore their land and homes. Let them be a bright light for all of the nations to see. May they bring you all the honor and glory that you deserve Lord. Thank you for the restoration that is being done within your chosen people and your church. Let nothing formed against them prosper. Greater are you Lord within them then he who is in the world. Let your word and Spirit guide them to the path of complete restoration and most importantly your ultimate love. Bless them with all of the provisions that might be needed to accomplish the tasks at hand. I stand with them and will continue to pray for my brothers and sisters. May your peace be felt as they do your work Lord. God be with them always. In Jesus’ name I pray ~Amen