Lord God Almighty, thank you

June 14, 2019 by Nick Savov

Lord God Almighty, thank you for your work and faithfulness in Iraq and Syria, helping your church to continue in faith and hope through terrible trials. I stand with my brothers and sisters and ask that your Holy Spirit be with them in all that they undertake in Your name. Please give them strong, wise and faithful leadership in their homes and churches. Please make them bold and fearless to follow Your leading. I ask that you give them favor and influence with the government, that they can live peaceful and prosperous lives to promote understanding of the gospel, just as Your word tells us to pray. I ask that their persecutors will be touched by the power of Your spirit in these Christians’ lives, and come to honor You themselves. I ask for healing and restoration, that You will grant Your people the ability to forgive, and to bless. I pray that You will give them the next generation, that their children will follow in their parents’ faith, and make their faith overcoming and victorious in every aspect of their lives, that You will be glorified through Your people as You deserve, as the God and Creator of Heaven and Earth. We love You, Lord. We desire to honor You. Obey You. To trust and not fear. Be their help and ours, and make us one as You are one! Amen

Julie Domingo