Lord, right now I just

May 5, 2020 by Nick Savov

Lord, right now I just lift up my brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering and in need of Your comfort. I pray that they might find comfort and peace in Your presence, may Your spirit overwhelm them so much so that the world wields no weapon against them. I pray for healing over their homes, their bodies, their families, and most importantly their hearts. Renew in them the steadfast spirit that will keep them going, for they have already shown so much bravery and strength in their fight for You. May they know that You are so unbelievably proud of them as Your good and faithful servants, and You love them unconditionally. And lastly, I pray they would be able to have a community within one another to grow in Your will for them and become even closer to You.
All these things I pray in Your son’s holy and precious name, Amen.