My Bible has been with

July 15, 2019 by Nick Savov

My Bible has been with me everywhere for almost 15 years. When I was 19 I turned from a life of rebellion and hid myself in the promises the Bible had for me: the words of Jesus, to forgive me, to take me in, to love me, and to use my life for a purpose. I have been through many Highs and lows, but the word of God has steadied me, pleaded with me, comforted me, even convicted me. It was from my grandpa who was a WW2 veteran and gave his life to Christ at home after watching a Billy Graham crusade. It is a constant companion. There is no other book like it in this world: it gives us the creation story, it addresses the wall between us and God, our sin, it addresses all the major life questions that no other book or religion has or can do, it is not understandable by the human mind and yet is the only book that gives true understanding about life and our condition here. It gives hope, in Jesus we find a salvation that is free and yet will cost us all here, it opens us the window of heaven and connects us with the Almighty again. It is God’s word given to us that we might be reconciled to Him. I love my Bible and I hope it will get in the hands of every person today!

Jessica Toppelreiter