My Bible helps me see

July 12, 2019 by Nick Savov

My Bible helps me see GOD’s perspective and not this present culture’s view of the world.
I now realize that everything is backwards here. where Satan is Prince.
The WORLD VIEW honours wealthy people and famous people, but GOD values
the humble and the meek. THE WORLD values the powerful but GOD values the powerless, the infirm, the needy the poor,
His WRITTEN WORD teaches me to value what HE values His Written word teaches me, that I should be like JEsus, and not the world.
AND with HIS Written Word, I can now have greater Faith in GOD, because I see HIs hand of Provision., daily in the “little” things that I now know are actually the GREATER things. GOD’s WRITTEN WORD, the BIBLE, is My most Valuable possession.