My BIBLE is the “IT”

July 29, 2019 by Jennie Sottovia

My BIBLE is the “IT” in my life. If GOD says it, it’s so, & that settles it for me! Now I don’t always like what HE says so to speak, because it cuts going in & coming out but I know I’m the one in the wrong when it hurts & I have to get it right because HE’s never wrong! The BIBLE gives me peace of mind because I know I can trust IT to be right because HIS WORD is infallible & perfect just as IT was given to me! HIS WORD is my comfort, my joy, my everything, & just one of my many favorite verses states, HIS WORD is full of the most awesome truths you will ever read anywhere….PSALM 119:18, “OPEN THOU MINE EYES, THAT I MAY BEHOLD WONDROUS THINGS OUT OF THY LAW.”

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