My dad was a pastor,

August 5, 2019 by Nick Savov

My dad was a pastor, so I was introduced to the Bible at a very young age. I learned to read when I was 4, so I have been reading the Word for 70 years. I have had a very blessed life because of the Lord and His Word. I had 42 years with the love of my life before he went to be with the Lord. He was in the Army for 25 years, first as an Army Intelligence Officier, then as a chaplain. We lived in 13 states and 2 foreign countries. As a linguist, I learned 3 foreign languages and became a French professor. We raised 4 children, and I now have 13 grandchildren. Through all the moves and all of life’s challenges (and there have been many, especially the death of my husband), the Lord has comforted me through His Word. And I have been teaching the Word to Army wives for the last 35 years.

Roselyn Drew