My last Bible was all

July 12, 2019 by Jennie Sottovia

My last Bible was all tattered and torn. That was last year. Finally, I broke down and had to get another one and now I have a beautiful Bible from Nelson publishers with fairly large print and the words of Jesus in red. The Bible came with a crease in the first page with the title. It sort of saddened me, but I can live with it and I try to take care of my Bible as well as I can to not let it get as tattered and torn as my last one was, at least not quickly. I pray that it serves me as long as God wants it to be mine. The Bible, besides the Holy Spirit is my lifeline to God. I have memorized Scripture, but nothing takes the place of God’s Word over a longer period. This is a King James Version (the old one), but I also have a Hungarian Bible and several different translations of the German Bible, because I speak these languages also.

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