My U.S.Coast Guard Auxilary Commander-we

July 13, 2019 by Nick Savov

My U.S.Coast Guard Auxilary Commander-we attend the same church,he and his family- gave me a gift of a U.S.Coast Guard Chaplains Bible.
Despite my three spectrum disabilities he was amazed at the miracles of me handling amazing incredible stress after a 99 percent rate failure trial evaluation- like a U.S.Coast Guard person evaluating for pararescue swimmer.I have a pre-West Point,one year USARMYROTC and pre-USMC background so some miracles are natural.I have potential for the Chaplaincy Corps with more Bible School/Seminary training.

My Bible is my best friend like a girlfriend or wife to be.

I have heard of ministers writing their prayer needs and answered prayers dates in their Bibles.And even more beyond imagination notes.

I see miracles in God’s will…but sometimes I suffer like most of God’s saints in Christiandom history,whether rich,middle class or poor…but always spiritual billionaires.

Garth R. Harding