The Bible has always been

July 17, 2019 by Nick Savov

The Bible has always been in my life. Whether seeing it on my grandmothers table growing up, seeing my friends parents carrying their Bibles to church, watching preachers reading theirs in church, or me getting my first Bible in 4th grade. A church group was handing them out on the side walk as we walked home from school. I will never forget that moment. Now I have raised my children according to the Bible. I married a Christian man who also reads the Bible daily. My children know where my instructions come from. That is the Bible. During my growing pains of life I would still always have my Bible by me. At 51 years old I’m still learning and growing in Gods word. I LOVE seeing people in other country’s that aren’t aloud to have a Bible get a Bible for the first time. A beautiful thing!!

Kristi Hundley