The Bible is everything to

July 9, 2019 by Aaron Johnson

The Bible is everything to me, it’s a lamp that illuminates my path. [It is] the most reliable prophecy where I have found light, [no] matter the situation.

When I arrived at the gospel, because of the [impoverished] condition in which I lived, I couldn’t buy a Bible; in fact, there were almost no Bible in the region. I prayed and begged God for a Bible, I even cried to God for a Bible.

At that time, I helped [my church] by cleaning and organizing after the service; I often searched among the chairs for someone who had forgotten a Bible, if that happened, I was very happy. And there was a night I found and read the Bible until sunrise.

The first Bible I had was the Bible of a man who, fleeing from the region, forgot his Bible in the church. I took that Bible as my own and it was the one that accompanied me in my first years as a pastor. I named that Bible; it was the Forgotten Bible.

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