The Word of God contained

July 13, 2019 by Nick Savov

The Word of God contained in the Old and New Testaments is precious to me. When the wicked twist His Word, following the doctrines and devices of man I can turn to the Bible to see according to the context the true meaning and understanding of the Scripture. Though, man twisted Scripture in their persevsity, twisting it to support their own notions or traditions I can turn to my Bible to know the truth with certainty. I can cling to the plain testimony of the Word of God when the truth of God is perverted and under attack by false teachers who do not know our Lord Jesus Christ. His Word is sufficiently clear, though people as servants of the devil assail its teachings with their false glosses and maneuverings. Vain superstition I have heard foolish arguments for against the plain truth of God, but with God’s Word I can look past their superstitions and glosses, holding fast to the word once delivered of the pure and adulterated gospel. His Word is a light for me in the midst of darkness and superstition. I can know whether what someone is teaching is true or false, whether they are not perverting the clear sense of the text to support their own desires or not. His Word, the Holy Bible is surely “a lamp to my feet, and a light to my path“ (Psalm 119:105) for the dispelling of superstitions, the traditions of men, and keeping me from stumbling, giving me light for my path.

Noah Hirsch