There has always been a

July 13, 2019 by Nick Savov

There has always been a Bible in my home as a child and now as an adult of 66 years young. It was something that I took for granted and in my earlier years did not read except in church on Sundays and Wednesday nights. But God is so merciful and a few years ago, God showed me that even though I was a believer, I was living as if I were in total control of my life. Ever since then, I have such a desire for God’s Word. The Bible is living and breathing and it is a two-edged sword that will cut but oh so wonderful and powerful. I am so blessed to live in this country of America where I can read my Bible in safety and worship in my church. I pray for my brothers and sisters in Christ that live in countries where they are persecuted for having a Bible.

Jean K Jacobs