#ThisIsMyBible.It was originally given to

July 12, 2019 by Nick Savov

It was originally given to my grandmother for her 68th birthday on November 29, 1977. It has been mine since she went home to be with Jesus in August 1995. This November, it will be 42 years old. I had it with me when I was backslidden and far from the Lord. I had it with me when I was close to Him, and walking in the Spirit. I had it with me when I was a homeless alcoholic and drug addict in 2010. I had it with me when the Lord was putting my life back together again following that awful experience. There were times when the only time I touched it was to wipe a thick coat of dust from it, and shine the leather covers to make it look like it was being read. Now, it stays in the flowered case you see on the left in this picture. The silver duct tape is on there to hold the covers in place- the spine is badly split. My Bible is my only family heirloom, and my most precious possession, but not for that reason. It is my most precious possession because it is the eternal and unchanging Word of the living God. My Bible is always with me, and is never out of my reach and my sight. I truly wish everyone carried their Bible with them, and treated is with the same awe and devotion with which I treat mine. We would all be living in a far different world.

Tim Redfern