We glorify and honor your

April 1, 2019 by Nick Savov

We glorify and honor your name Oh LORD of the heavens and earth, the giver of our breath. Thank you for your faithfulness and love to us that is beyond our understanding.

We are praying for our brethren in Iraq. May you continue to provide for them as they rebuild homes and churches. We pray to you LORD Oh most High to guard, protect and re-flourish your church once again in the cities of Iraq. We humbly ask also for your grace and love to continue to fill the place as our brethren continue to reach out for the lost.

Let your church persevere regardless of circumstances, threats, or pressure. May you continue to give joy, peace, hope and love to our brothers and sisters in Iraq. Regardless of circumstances, they will continue to have that joy, peace, hope and love in Christ our LORD.

Thank you for the answers to our prayers.

Honor and Glory belongs to you alone Our GOD through Christ our LORD and savior.

All these I pray. AMEN.

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