Thank You For Not Forgetting About These Christians!

November 10, 2015 by Open Doors in
Your Gifts are needed more now than ever for vital unfunded projects
“Batima thanks God for you.”
Batima is a young Christian woman from Central Asia who recently accepted Christ.
“When my siblings discovered that I became a Christian, they beat me,” she shared. “I have bruises and cuts all over my body.”
Even though Batima has been through unspeakable pain, she is not without hope!
Thanks to your faithful gifts that are helping to provide safe houses for believers like Batima. These safe house are a vital part of caring for a persecuted Christian’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs!
And they’ve never been more important as persecution around the world continues to grow at an alarming rate. But with thousands more Christians being persecuted by ISIS, and the levels of persecution in Africa rising significantly, several unfunded projects are at risk.
Christians like Batima often do not make the news. Central Asia isn’t often a focus in world events. Yet Christians are facing increased persecution and desperately need programs like safe houses to survive.
These and other unfunded projects need to be filled by the end of the year, so we can continue to support persecuted believers… especially the ones who have stories that don’t make the news.
We are thankful for the faithfulness of friends like you, especially at this vital time of the year!

*representative name and photo used
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