The Effect the Attacks Will Have on Christians in Libya and Egypt

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

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Many of us woke up this morning to the disheartening news of the American Consulate in Libya being attacked. This followed protests at the American Embassy in Cairo yesterday. So far, four have lost their lives, including the American Ambassador to Libya- Chris Stevens, who risked his life by remaining in Libya during the ‘Arab Spring’ revolutions last year.

The protests and attack were both fueled on by a film that has allegedly insulted the Prophet Mohammad. Both American and Libyan government officials have spoken out against this attack, but many are wondering what the implication will be for non-Muslims in the area.

Some of our co-workers in the region have noted that the situation in Libya since the ‘Arab Spring’ is still unstable. Recently two colleagues went to Libya and were amazed by the number of weapons carried around on a daily basis.

Open Doors spokesman Michael Wood noted that many of the Muslim fanatics link the U.S. with Christianity. This puts believers in these hot spots, such as Libya and Egypt, directly in the line of fire.

A lot is still unknown about this situation, but we do know one thing: we need to pray!

Christians in the region have asked us to pray that the violence over this film does not spread to other countries. Additionally, let’s pray for their safety and for the families of those who have died.

Thank you for being One With Them in prayer!


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