The Faithfulness of Persecuted Bible Students

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


I was blessed with the opportunity to attend a wonderful Christian college. I cherish the memories I have from this time and all that I learned from God’s word.

Half way around the world, my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ also attend Bible college. However, they often must attend in secret or cannot openly talk about their schooling. They are faithful to attend their classes, no matter how difficult it might be to get there.

After they graduate, they are immediately sent into the field. Many start churches right away. Others travel as ministers and evangelists throughout their country. They are willing to do whatever God calls them to do.

Their faithfulness is amazing. So often I find myself reluctant to do something God has called me to do. These Christians are faithful, sometimes to the point of death, to spread the gospel.

Lord, mold my heart so that I might be used by you in a mighty way like these Christians. Bless them for their faithfulness. Protect them as they give up so much to learn more about You. Guide them as they go out on the field to minister in Your name. Thank you for these dear Christians.


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