The Maldives Needs More than Tourism

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


When I think of the Maldives, I often imagine a picturesque computer background of a tropical land with crystal clear water, white sand and a single palm tree. For this reason, it has been an ideal vacation destination for many. The Maldives depends on international vacationers, as 28% of their GDP depends on it.

According to this article, the Maldivian government realized that they needed to cater to tourist to attract more to visit this secluded group of islands. Some officials thought it would be good to build night clubs, bars and even casinos. They thought that this would boost the economy, create jobs and increase tourism. Islamist leaders on the other hand thought that the government was being too influenced by “The West.” This is one of the leading tensions that caused the protests that eventually led to the president to stepping down.

Now more than ever, the Maldives needs our prayers. Religious Freedom is essentially non-existent here and it is getting worse. Would you join me in praying for the oppressed religious minorities? Would you pray that a revival would happen in the Maldives- that the people of the Maldives would have a saving relationship with Christ? Prayer changes things! Thanks for joining with us in praying for this country!


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