The Olympics and Persecuted Christians

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

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It has been a week since the Olympics started. Within these seven days, there have been many stories of record-breaking victories, heart wrenching defeats, disqualifications for cheating and drama via twitter.

The Olympics is one of the most exciting things that happens every four years. It is a time when the world comes together over the common love of athletic competition. Countries that normally have nothing to do with one another, come together to prove their abilities and athleticism.

As we pointed out on facebook earlier this week, all of the countries on the World Watch List are represented at the Olympics. Brunei (the country we are focusing on this week for the 5 Minute Challenge) has three athletes competing in the Olympics this year.

What would it look like if we said a prayer for each person from a World Watch List country as they competed? Perhaps God would meet them at that moment? Perhaps they would be witnessed to when they returned home by a secret Believer? Perhaps they are a Christian and would be encouraged that someone was praying for them?

This special event provides lots of opportunities to tell others about the plight of persecuted Christians. If you haven’t yet, check out

Many of these countries have the world’s attention- let’s use our voice to share the message and to be One With Them.