The Open Doors Bridgebuilder Conference

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


It’s been a fun past few days here at the Open Doors USA office!

Right now, we are having our Bridgebuilder conference. For those of you who don’t know, the Bridgebuilders are volunteers who unite people in their church and community to support and empower persecuted Christians.

Many of these Bridgebuilders speak at multiple churches- sharing the message of persecuted Christians. They are some of the best examples of standing One With Them.

One of the guest speakers at this conference is a former Professor of mine from college. She is one of the most gifted speakers I know, and used her gift to help some of the other Bridgebuilders improve their speaking skills.

It is a great reminder that we are in fact one body of believers, with many gifts. God has equipped each of us with different gifts and it is such a blessing to see when someone uses their gift to further the Kingdom.

Stay tuned- in the next couple of weeks we will reveal some new ways in which you can use your gifts to support persecuted Christians around the world!

Meanwhile, if being a Bridgebuilder is something that interests you, you can learn more here.

Thank you for the different ways that all of you stand One With Them!


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