The Rohingya People: Starving Migrants Await their Fate

May 21, 2015 by Janelle P in Asia

The Rohingya people of Myanmar are again in the news for unpleasant reasons – a ship full of starving migrants has made its way to Thai shores only to be shunned by the Thai government. The Thai Navy helped fix the ship’s engine, but they still left the people at sea. No country wants the Rohingyas, except maybe the Philippines, whose government declared an openness to receive the 3,000 refugees at sea. These people, however, are stuck in the ocean with no provisions and hardly any strength left. The country willing to take them in is more than a thousand miles away. Much of the Rohingyas’ fate is put on hold until the UN Regional Meeting on May 29, although the UN is already in separate talks with key ASEAN leaders.

How should we pray?

· Pray for action. Pray for aid to come to the 3,000 refugees stuck at sea. Pray for the Lord to provide for their needs through governments and NGOs.

· Pray for strength and peace. Pray for the Lord to sustain these people – fights due to starvation often spark onboard. Many have already jumped ship. Many other Rohingyas who are scattered around the world are in the same, yet less publicized situations. They may not be on boats, but these unnamed and unseen people are as stateless, poor, and prone to human trafficking as the Rohingyas that we see in the news.

· Pray for the UN and the ASEAN leaders who will be discussing what to do with the worsening migrant crisis. Pray that aside from these discussions, concrete and swift action will be taken to help the Rohingyas.

· Pray for the Christian Rohingyas. The Rohingyas are a Muslim people – this is why they are persecuted so harshly by Buddhist-governed Myanmar. But there are a few Rohingyas like Amod* who know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. They are persecuted even by their own people. Pray for these believers to stand strong in the faith, and pray that even in the midst of great suffering, they can share the saving truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.