The Source of My Joy

August 2, 2016 by Brett Tarbell in Asia

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Gulnur is a Muslim-background believer (MBB) in western China, where Christians from her Uyghur ethnic group experience the worst persecution in the country. Since her husband Alimjan’s imprisonment for his faith in 2009, Gulnur and her two sons are only allowed to visit him once a month. She shares about hardship and hope in his absence:

Our Joy

We have joy, real joy. The joy in this difficult situation is real joy. It must be joy from the Lord! Otherwise, how could we endure the hardship?

Their Prayers

I have regular gatherings with brothers and sisters. I am able to share my thoughts and feelings with them. I need their support and prayers. Without their prayers we could not endure!

My Sons

My elder son misses my husband so much! Very often he remembers the precious moments with his father when he was a child. The more he thinks of how his father loves him, the more he misses him. He now understands that his father is suffering for his faith. He is proud of his dad! He does not feel ashamed of his father’s imprisonment.

My younger son was only 1 year old when my husband was put in jail. He can hardly remember anything about his father. He has been growing up without a father figure.

Our Witness

My passion is to evangelize our Uyghur people! It’s really hard to convert them to Christ. Praise the Lord- Both my mother and mother-in-law converted several years ago. They have witnessed how this faith upholds us in our difficult time. They have found Jesus to be the true God.

His Bride

Above all, we still put our faith in Jesus and strive to live a godly life under the hardship. My husband always asks me to live well, take good care of our sons and teach them to love God. This is the way we witness Him.

I ask my sons to behave, to study hard and to always tidy up our home as if my husband was coming back today. I understand my husband will come back to us in time. I wait for his return as if I wait for the second coming of Jesus. We are the Bride of Christ!