The Top Ten Things to Know About Life for Christians in Djibouti

October 13, 2012 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution


Sometimes for security reasons, we cannot share a personal story from the country we are featuring on the Five Minute Challenge. This is the case for Djibouti. So instead here is a list of the Top Ten Things to Know about Djibouti:

1.    The republic of Djibouti is a Muslim/Majority nation with a small, predominantly expatriate Christian community.
2.    Population: 864,000 (15,000 are Christians)
3.    Islam is the religion of the state.
4.    The constitution provides for religious freedom.
5.    Proselytising is not technically illegal, but is discouraged. Even interest in conversion brings risk of intense persecution.
6.    The attitude of the government towards non-Muslims is generally is one of tolerance and respect. However, societal animosity towards Christians is increasing.
7.    Conversion from Islam is strongly discouraged, and the small number of indigenous Muslim Background Believers are persecuted by their families and society.
8.    There were some reports of churches being vandalized. There are also occasional reports of discrimination based on religious belief or practice.
9.    The French Protestant, Roman Catholic and Ethiopian Orthodox Churches represent the only active Christian witness recognized by the government.
10.    Christian radio and satellite TV are broadcast in the French language.

Would you join us in praying for the known and unknown prayer requests of Christians in Djibouti?