The Uyghur People of China

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in


I have always been intrigued by the Uyghur (pronounced wee-gher) people of China. This is a people group in the Northwestern part of China from a Turkic ethnic background.

This area of China is unique for many reasons. It seems to have more in common with the “stans” (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan etc) than the rest of mainland China. The majority of the Uyghur are Muslims and speak the native Uyghur tongue.

Christian Uyghurs face a threefold pressure: as a national minority, as Muslim Background Believers from their Islamic environment and as Christians from the communistic / atheistic government of China. Christians in the Uyghur region are often harassed for interacting with foreign Christians.

Pastor Alimjan had met with foreign Christians and was arrested. The Kashgar Intermediate Court found Alimjan guilty of “leaking state secrets” on Oct. 27, 2009 and gave him a 15-year sentence. His lawyers appealed the sentence, but the People’s High Court of Xinjiang upheld the original verdict. “This decision is illegal and void because it never succeeded in showing how Alimjan supplied state secrets to people overseas,” said his lawyer.

These Christians are such a small minority; many do not even know that they exist! Would you pray for these Christians who face hardships from many different sources? Pray that they would be encouraged and pray that they would know that others are praying for them.


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