The Worst Country On Earth To Be A Christian

October 12, 2016 by Open Doors in Asia

North Korea is the worst place to be a Christian, but you are providing hope!

For 15 years, North Korea has ranked #1 on the Open Doors World Watch List as the worst place to be a Christian.

In this country, the very act of owning a Bible is punishable by death. An estimated 25% of the Christian population lives in prison camps, comparable to Auschwitz in Poland. The others must keep their faith a secret.

Many Christian parents choose to keep their faith a secret from their children, for fear that they might accidentally expose their faith to their neighbors, teachers or government officials. It is often heartbreaking for parents to not have the ability to share their faith with their children. Many rely on the hope that God will allow them to one day when they are grown.

Even though the conditions are horrific for our brothers and sisters, there is hope… And you are helping keep this hope alive.

Open Doors is able to get vital resources like Bibles, Christian literature and other vital resources that our brothers and sisters need into North Korea. Even though believers in the country face the worst kind of persecution, they are reminded that their brothers and sisters around the world care for them.

The church is growing, in spite of the persecution. And you are providing vital resources to make this happen.

“We would have to meet in the woods to have fellowship,” shared one believer. “But we were so thankful to have the time together and to grow together!”

Though many desire to witness to their neighbors, they are forced to flee North Korea. You are also helping provide safe houses for these believers in neighboring countries. Your continued faithfulness is helping to keep these Christians alive!

North Korea is becoming an increasingly difficult place to be a Christian, so thank you for your continued support! You are making a big difference in the lives of so many!