‘They kill us like animals’—Myanmar Christians plead for prayer

August 2, 2022 by Noah Cassetto in Asia

Psalm 91 promises that the Lord is our refuge and our fortress, the God in whom we can trust. As Christians, we know this to be true, especially during times of crisis. In Myanmar, as churches are burning and Christians are fleeing, believers are clinging to these words now more than ever.

We recently shared about the attack on Thantlang Baptist Church in Mynmar’s Chin State, one of the most prominent churches in the country. We are heartbroken to share about another church attack, just a few weeks later on June 23. Believers Church, also in Chin State, was burned down and ravaged by Myanmar military forces. Brothers and sisters are left in fear, without a church building to call home. 

Believers Church is the latest to be burned by Myanmar’s junta forces. Reportedly, 35 churches and 15 other Christian-affiliated buildings were destroyed in Chin State alone during the first year of the civil war. For many, the ongoing destruction is unbearable. 

“When will this war end?” lamented Tun Tun,* an Open Doors partner who has been displaced by the violence in Myanmar. “We live as refugees in a foreign land, resources are scarce, and we never wanted to move, but for our safety and for our family, we must run. The living conditions are not easy, some risk their lives to find employment and get at least some food.” 

For the churches that are still standing, it’s not easy to gather. Since the February 2021 military coup, authorities have restricted gatherings, fearing public assembly might mobilize citizens to fight.  

But believers are finding a way. 

Paing is another local partner leading believers in worship. He shared, “There are three churches in the nearby areas, two of the churches were restricted from gathering, but the other was a bit remote so they could still gather. The believers from the other two churches gather in their house as a house church.” 

Tun Tun shares his prayer: “Please pray for the safety of the believers in Sagaing Region and Chin State. There are many pagodas and shrines, but not a single bullet hit those Buddhist buildings and structures in our areas, whereas the Christians’ building and churches were destroyed.” He went on to report how “they ravage the Kuki Chin Christian villages, and they kill us like animals.”  

The challenges that the Burmese church faces are significant. Their homes, their dreams, and their churches are literally going up in flames around them.  

Despite the violence, our greatest prayer request, for the growth of God’s Church, is being answered. Paing shared confidently, “New believers started joining and we are increasing.” Praise God that He is indeed working all things together for the good of those who love Him. 

Stand with your family in prayer!

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Lord, we come before you brokenhearted for our family in Myanmar. We ask you to restore what has been lost and recover what has been stolen. Please protect our brothers and sisters from further violence and continue to increase their witness. Thank you for the growth the Myanmar church is experiencing amidst so much destruction. In Jesus’ name, amen.