They were only sitting outside—pray with Christian family stabbed on Egypt’s streets

December 17, 2019 by Lindy Lowry in Stories of Persecution

Egypt continues to be a country where Islamic extremists target Christians and the general culture often shows a religious bias. In their local village, a mother, Houda Hanna, and her two sons, 22-year-old Shenouda and 16-year-old Ishaq, were suddenly stabbed and beaten when a neighbor, a radical Muslim, attacked them while they were just sitting outside.

At first, the man hurled verbal insults: “Christians shouldn’t be out on the street because they are dogs.”

When Houda bravely refused to leave, the man grew irate, ranting that he would “kill the dog infidels,” and attacked all three with a knife. Shenouda spent three days in intensive care, while Houda and Ishaq both received stitches. Local police say the attack was, “just a normal quarrel. “The family has received threats and pressure to drop the charges against their attacker.

Pray for this family’s continued healing and for all Christians in Egypt who each day live with the threat of attacks like stabbings, beatings, kidnappings and property destruction.

Representative photo used for security reasons

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