Three years since the Easter attacks, Christians still have questions

May 17, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Persecution updates

“When serious allegations are made that the Easter Attacks [in Sri Lanka in 2019] were a political conspiracy, what investigations were carried out to prove they were not? If there have been investigations, where are the reports? 

That was a question posed by the Catholic Church to the Defense Secretary of Sri Lanka. The Catholic Church presented 20 questions about the Easter Attacks at a press conference held a week before the third anniversary of the deadly attacks that took over 250 lives and injured many more. Although 2022 marks the three-year anniversary since the attacks, the authorities have yet to take concrete action against any perpetrators.  

The Defense Secretary dismissed the allegations made about the Easter Attacks being a political conspiracy and blamed the former Attorney General for the confusion. The former Attorney General, before he retired from his position, said: “With times, targets, places, method of attack and other information, it’s clear there was a grand conspiracy in place concerning the attacks in April 2019.”  

The police chief called the former Attorney General to present evidence to support his statement and said, “It is his duty as the former Attorney General to think about the people of the country, especially the Cardinal and other Christians, and other people impacted by this, and present the facts of the case, if not to the police, then to the Cardinal.”  

With the current economic crisis in the country, people have been protesting, demanding the resignation of the President and Prime Minister. The Prime Minister recently resigned and a new government has taken over, but faces massive economic challenges. People have also used the protests to demand justice for the victims of the Easter Attacks. Three years after the attacks, people are still struggling to find answers to their questions.  

Open Doors local partners are still in contact with many of the survivors of the Easter bombings and are helping aid in various needs, such as prayer, encouragement and income-generating opportunities. Many of the believers have thanked our partners for their loyalty and constant encouragement. One survivor said: “So many have forgotten us, but you have not. Thank you!” 

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As part of the Open Doors family, let’s pray on behalf of the survivors still looking for answers and closure three years after the attacks: Let’s pray they will find peace in their hearts and the ability to forgive those who carried out these heinous acts, that God will be just and hold those responsible accountable and that the country will find guidance and healing in this time of turmoil. 

Lord, we pray because we know you hear our prayers. Amen. 

Image of the bombing aftermath outside Zion Church.

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