Top 3 Expectations for the 2015 World Watch List

January 6, 2015 by Janelle P in World Watch List

The Top 3 Expectations for the 2015 World Watch List Tomorrow


On January 7th, Open Doors will unveil the 2015 World Watch List- ranking the top 50 countries where it is most difficult to be a Christian. Since 2014 was such an unprecedented year in persecution, the World Watch List will definitely be impacted by the increase of persecution in many of these countries. Here are the Top 3 Expectations for the 2015 World Watch List:

1. The attacks by ISIS will continue to keep Iraq and Syria at the top of the list.

Syria has seen a sharp increase in persecution over the past few years. In 2012 it ranked #36, in 2013 #11 and in 2014 #3. Likewise, Iraq has risen on the list in the past several years as well. And with ISIS specifically targeting Christians in these countries, persecution has only increased.

2. More countries in Africa will move up on the World Watch List

In 2012 there were 14 African countries on the World Watch List, and in 2014 17 countries. Several countries in Africa have moved up on the list each year, due to increased persecution from Islamic extremist groups. Last year proved to have several incidents of persecution from Islamic extremists in African countries.

3. Most of the countries on the World Watch List will experience persecution from both the government and society.

Many of the countries on the World Watch List experience persecution from either the goverment or society. However, there have been several places where persecution is stemming from both areas. For example, Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian mother who was sentenced to death in Sudan, initially was persecuted by members of her family and then by the government.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like 2014 will be a standalone year in Christian persecution. And for this reason, we are so thankful for your ongoing vital support as we enter into 2015!

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