True Prison Ministry

June 5, 2013 by Open Doors in

I remember reading about a pastor in China who was placed in prison for his faith. After a few months, he was released and returned to his home. He told his wife that he sometimes wished that he could be placed in prison again, because he had never experienced such amazing ministry. He had many non-Christians who were interested in the gospel. He could witness to so many more than he had ever been able to before.

This story amazes me. I couldn’t ever imagine wanting to go to jail. This pastor truly knew what it meant to follow Christ with his whole life.

In America, it is easy to get involved in our Christian circles (our friends, church, small groups are all Christians), yet we rarely pray to be thrown into greater ministry. What would our lives look like if we had the same desire as this pastor?

Lord, help us to desire to have a greater ministry. We want to serve you, no matter what the cost is.

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