Two Sudanese Pastors’ Surprise Release Celebrates the Power of Prayer

May 18, 2017 by Janelle P in Africa

Two Christian prisoners in Sudan have been set free! When Hassan Kodi and Abdulmonem Abdumawla awoke last Thursday, they had no idea that this was the day the Lord would radically set them free from prison.

They were spending time with two visitors when prison guards called them to a meeting without stating the purpose. Hassan cut short his visit and went straight to the meeting, where he learned that President Al Bashir’s office ordered his and Abdulmonem’s release.

The two prisoners quickly gathered their things, and less than an hour later, they walked out of prison as free men. Outside, they were welcomed by well-wishers who had learned about the development and come to welcome them.

When Awadia, Hassan’s wife, first heard about his release in a phone call, she was in total disbelief. It was only when she saw him with her own eyes walking through the door that she believed it to be true. Both she and Hassan’s mother looked shocked for some time after his arrival.

Hassan told Open Doors workers over the phone, shortly after his release, “God is good! I am grateful to the Lord. Please tell all those who prayed for me that I am out of prison.”

The release ended 18 months of legal battle for the men arrested in December 2015 with Rev. Kuwa Shamal Abazmam Kurri and Mr Petr Jasek, a Czech national. All four were charged with “espionage”, “inciting strife between communities” and several other offences. We informed you on the trial details numerous times, urging you to join us in prayer.

On January 2, Rev. Shamal was acquitted of all charges. On January 29, the court sentenced Petr to life imprisonment and Hassan and Abdulmonem to 11 years each. Since that date, they have been serving their sentences in prison while their lawyers appealed against the verdict. Petr received a presidential pardon and left Sudan on Feb 26.

The news was welcomed by Sudanese Christians locally and in the region. “We are celebrating the release of our respected brother and leader and thank all who prayed for him,” commented a Sudanese church leader who requested anonymity.

Open Doors director for the work in that area stated, “Christians around the world should celebrate and be jubilant over this breakthrough and not underestimate the role focused, persistent prayer makes in matters related to the persecuted church. As the government continues its clampdown on the church in Sudan illustrated with the demolition of the Sudan Church of Christ building in Suba last week, we should not give up our prayer effort for the church in Sudan and the rest of Africa reminded that the Lord hears and acts on our behalf.”

  1. Please thank the Lord with us for His intervention in Hassan and Abdulmonem’s case. Thank Him for His sustaining grace throughout the ordeal
  2. Pray for the Lord’s complete healing from the trauma they have been through.
  3. Pray for complete emotional recovery for all families members influenced by the men’s imprisonment.

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