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November 11, 2014 by Open Doors in

Through Your Donations, Open Doors Provides Persecuted Christians With Life-Changing Gifts In The Most Dangerous Countries

This has been an unprecedented year in Christian persecution.

From the school girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria, to Meriam Ibrahim being sentenced to death (and then set free) in Sudan and the genocide of Christians in Iraq and Syria, the world is forced to pay attention to Christian persecution in several countries.

However, what you may not know . . . what the media outlets around the world aren’t covering . . . are the tragic stories of persecuted men and women in countries who are forced to lead secret lives because of their faith. Yet, because of your faithful ongoing support to ALL persecuted Christians, we are seeing some amazing things happen in these countries:

Thousands of People are Coming To Christ Each Month Via Satellite TV In The Middle East — THANKS TO YOU!

In several top-secret countries in the Middle East, Open Doors is able to work with local Christian ministries to broadcast the gospel message via satellite TV.

The broadcast ends with an invitation to become a Christian, with a phone number to call. Each month, more than 17,000 people call to accept Christ as their Savior, receive prayer or find fellowship!

“It is amazing to see how God is using this ministry in such a powerful way,” shares one Open Doors worker in the region.

Because of your faithful donations, Open Doors is able to use programs like these to reach thousands of people with the gospel message in many top-secret Middle East countries!

Safe House Keeps Brave Christian Teenagers Alive because of YOUR support!

In an undisclosed Muslimdominated country, local teen boys are required to study at Madrassas (Islamic schools). However, some have come to Christ, and have made the brave decision to leave their homes.

“When I became a Christian, I was kicked out of my home and was threatened,” shared one teen.

Open Doors establishes safe houses in this country, where teenage boys like this young man can live and obtain a Christian education.

In spite of the risks, many of these teens return to their former schools and share the gospel message with their old classmates. And many more are coming to Christ as a result!

Thank You for Providing Help to Targeted Christians in Danger

In a top-secret country in Central Asia, Christians are often targeted by police, who will illegally raid their homes in search of Christian materials.

“The police came to my home and took away my laptop, without warning,” shared one Christian. “I am afraid they will find Christian material and I will be in danger.”

Open Doors works with Christians like these to provide them with legal aid and advocacy, so that they are able to stand strong through difficult trials like these.

Your faithful donations to where the need is greatest, allow Open Doors to fund top-secret projects like these! Thank you for advancing the gospel in these high-risk countries!

* Information from the Christian Post

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