United With The Iraqi Church

September 30, 2014 by Open Doors in Stories of Persecution

An Open Doors fieldworker recently traveled to Iraq to visit a family being persecuted for their faith in Jesus by ISIS. The flight to northern Iraq was long, but the arrival in Erbil was well worth it. His intent was to learn how Christians are coping with the trauma of warfare happening all around them. The first stop was meeting with a family that had been living in an empty house with no refrigerator or power. These believers shared their story; they had been stopped at a security checkpoint by ISIS fighters who asked them if they were Christians. The family boldly replied “yes” as they locked eyes with these ISIS members. Their beautiful daughter was kicked and beaten at this checkpoint, and even a month later, she still has a hard time walking. Any loose change they had on them was also taken. One ultimate purpose still remained for this fieldworker: show these Christians that they are not forgotten. They all began praying together, and he describes the unity he felt with these believers during that prayer. While our culture may say that we are anything but family with these individuals halfway around the world from us, Jesus shows us the eternal bond we have with these believers through faith and grace. Praise Him for the unity he has given us with these brothers and sisters! Join us in thanking Jesus for His gospel in which all believers have been so radically changed no matter our geographical location, for His glory and our joy!